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This article helps you understand how to navigate across 'Files' tab.

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Files Listing

The 'Files' tab lists the files in a columnar list under the default 'Files' view.

Files published across all projects will be displayed based on your access permissions and the selected project filter.

Folders - Folder tree view contains list of projects as well as project templates and its folders. Click on the project name or project template name to see a list of parent folders for the respective project or project template. For projects, you can expand the parent folder to view its sub-folders as well as view, download, distribute and collaborate files with the project team. For project templates, you can edit the folder details or view folder permissions.

Files Listing - Files listing contains the files metadata. Columns which are dynamically based on the columns configured by you for display. You can customize metadata columns based on own requirement. Click on file name link to launch the Asite File Viewer displaying the file content.

You can view task details with the red, amber, green color shading by doing a mouse hover on 'My Tasks' column in the listing area.

Red reflects incomplete and overdue tasks, Amber reflects tasks due within a week, Green reflects tasks due after a week.

Green ticks for tasks completed and red cross for tasks cleared.

Files Paging

Files paging enables you to choose number of results that should display per page. This is available for 'Files' view as well as 'aMessages' view. You have an option to select 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 files per page. Asite remembers and retains the selection of records per page the next time you log in after making the selection.

Customizing Columns

Users on Asite can customize columns within 'Files' tab, irrespective of the view selected.

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Move a column via drag and drop

You can move the position of any column available in the files listing area by dragging and dropping the column header to the desired column position. The column order set is saved as your personal preference and is applicable across all the projects. Asite remembers and retains the settings for column sequence and sorting. File size attribute can be used to sort file records as per the file size.

Configuring columns across listing area

Users on Asite can add / remove or set width of any column from the available list across the listing area.

1. Click on Customize option available at bottom right. A popup will appear as shown below:
A popup will appear containing the list of all the available columns. Select the required columns to add here. Use 'Ctrl' key to select multiple controls at a time.

2. On click of icon, the highlighted columns are moved to selected fields.

3. You will be able to set the display order of the fields i.e. the order in which the fields will be displayed on screen. You will be able to do the same by clicking and down arrow buttons, this will move the selected columns up or down.

4. You can also remove the already selected columns by clicking on icon. It will remove all the highlighted columns.

5. On click of 'Update', it will save the changes and hide the callout.

6. On click of 'Close', it will hide the callout without saving the changes.

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