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This article shows you the how to create and edit filters within the 'Contacts' tab.

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Users on Asite can filter records from the available search criteria within 'Contacts' tab.

Note: Currently, filters cannot be applied in following tabs - Field, Contacts, Exchange.

Following are the key functions of this feature:

Create Filter - Enables you to define and build filter criteria by configuring the attribute.

Save Filter - Enables you to save the defined filter criteria for future use.

Edit Filter - Enables you to edit the saved filter. Criteria and name can be edited.

Unsaved Filter - The last applied filter is available for use. This pre-populate the filter criteria with ability to amend and save the filter.

Delete Filter - Enables you to delete the filter if it is not required.

Create Filters

You an create a new filter by specifying filter criteria and apply them to filter the results.

It allows you to specify filter criteria for contacts. Lets select 'Job Title' as a filter criteria.

Select your contact attribute and specify search criteria for that attribute in this case we can see the textbox for Job Title.

Once you specify search criteria, it searches for the required data. Click on 'Save Filter' button to save filter with specified filter criteria. It opens 'Save filter' window which enables you to specify filter name. Specify filter name and click on 'Save' button to save this filter.

List of filter fields with name, type and descriptions are given below. You can also select applied custom attributes as filter field.

Field Name

Field Type



Text Box

It allows you to search for a particular address.


Multiple Choice

It retrieves a list of all email ids for selection.

Job Title

Text Box

It allows you to select specific job titles.

Full Name

Multiple Choice

It retrieves a list of all full names for selection.

Organisation Name

Multiple Choice

It retrieves a list of all organization names for selection.


Multiple Choice

It retrieves a list of all project names for selection.


Text Box

It allows you to search for a particular telephone number.

Time Zone

Multiple Choice

It retrieves a list of all time zones for selection.


Multiple Choice

It allows you to select the type of user either 'My Org' or 'My Projects'.

Click on 'Cancel' button to cancel this process. The criteria is also available as the 'Last Unsaved Filter' for future use.

Edit Filters

You may edit an existing filter by selecting a specific filter from the list options of 'Saved Filters' dropdown and edit the filter criteria that you want.

Once you edit the filter, it searches for the latest filter criteria and gives you latest data. You may save this filter criteria by clicking on Save icon.

You may edit the filter and delete any unwanted filter by clicking on circled "X"


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