Calibrate a PDF Drawing

This article helps you understand how to calibrate a PDF drawing plan of the site location.

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Users on Asite having required privilege can calibrate the PDF drawing plan for the defect location. Detailed help is as mentioned below:

1. Navigate to 'Sites' tab, the left hand panel will show a list of all projects, click on the required project to expand the list of sites then click on the relevant site to access list of locations in it.

2. Click on the location/sub-location which has the drawing plan which you need to calibrate.

3. Now click on location plan icon at the top to access the drawing plan view. Refer screenshot below.

4. In the drawing plan view click on edit icon on the right.

5. Now click on 'Shapes' link to view shape options which you need to calibrate a drawing plan. Select the required shape.

6. Now select the required area on the drawing plan to highlight and calibrate it and then click on 'Save' button to save the selection.

7. Now the drawing plan is calibrated and ready to raise defects app.

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