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Interacting with Reports in Report Viewer
Interacting with Reports in Report Viewer

This article shows how to drill in to data within the Report Viewer, expanding hidden data and how to drill down on Google Maps.

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There are a number of ways to interact with reports in the Report Viewer. Available options depend on how the report was designed and the type of content in it.

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Drilling Into Data

Some reports allow you to drilldown into cells or charts to see additional data related to the field selected. If a cell or chart has a drilldown, you can click on one of the values to drill down into the related data.

Drilldowns are actually other reports that you can interact with or even export to a file. Drilldowns may even have drilldowns of their own!

Expanding Hidden Data

Some reports have hidden data that can be seen by expanding certain rows. Expandable rows are indicated by an arrow icon

. Click on the icon to expand the row. Click the icon again to collapse it. Right-click the icon to open a menu to do the following:

  • Expand / Collapse — expand or collapse the outer group

  • Expand / Collapse Group — expand or collapse the group and any inner groups

  • Expand / Collapse All — expand or collapse all outer and inner groups on the report

Visualization Features

Visualizations have a number of interactive features depending on the type of chart. For example, line charts and bar charts allow you to hide series, multi-axis charts allow you to turn axes on or off, and pie charts allow you to rotate the chart and pull out slices. Charts can also show some additional information if you hover over a point or series.

Drilling down on Google Maps

On a Google Map, use the mouse wheel or click the Zoom in and Zoom out icons to change your view level. Drag the map to move the view in that direction. Double-click on a highlighted region to drill down into the location data.

On a GeoChart, click on a highlighted region to drill down into the region. Click [Back] to return to the previous view.

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