Name in Report Wizard

This article explains naming within the report wizard.

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Enter a name for the report and select a folder where it will be stored. Choose a unique, descriptive name that is easy to remember. If you are in a shared environment, you may want to put your name in the name of the report.

Caution: You cannot save a report in a read-only

folder. A report name cannot contain the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > |

This page must be completed before moving on, but you can always go back later and rename or relocate the report.


This is an optional field, which allows you to give some additional information about the report.

Filter description

You may see an additional field for entering a description for the report filters. If you intend to add user prompting filters to this report, then you can enter some information in this field that a user will be able to see when entering filter values.

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