Sorts in Report Wizard

This article explains the different sorts that can be used within the report wizard.

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Sorting is the process of ordering your data rows by a certain sequence. For each available data category, you can choose which data field should be used to sort the rows. Fields can be sorted in ascending or descending direction. The way in which rows are sorted depends on the type of value in the field:


Asc Lower values

Higher values Desc


Asc Past

Future Desc


Asc A

Z Desc

A report can have multiple sorts. This can be useful when you want your highest precedence sort to affect a data field where the values for multiple rows may be the same.

For example, imagine a large company with many employees. There could be multiple people with the last name Buchanan. With only a sort on LastName, you do not know how all the people with the last name Buchanan will be ordered amongst themselves. If this matters, then you can add a second sort on, say, the FirstName field, so that people with the same last names will be ordered by their first names.

Adding sorts

On the Sorts page, add data fields to sort. The precedence of the sorts starts with the highest row and moves down the list. Drag the rows up or down to change the precedence.

Note: Sorts are not applicable for Crosstab Reports.

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