Report Designer in Advanced Reports

This article introduces the report designer.

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The Report Designer is the main editor for Advanced and CrossTab Reports. At your fingertips is a full suite of reporting and design tools with an interface that is familiar and easy to understand.


The Report Designer interface is based on cells, like a spreadsheet. Cells can contain text, images, charts, widgets, and formulas. More importantly, cells can contain multiple rows of data. A cell in a Detail section will expand into as many rows as are needed to show all the data. A cell in a Group section will repeat for every group. And a cell in a Page section will repeat for every page on the report.

All of this is dynamic, meaning that the report will adapt its look based on the data that is returned form the source. For more information on the different types of report cells, see Sections.


You can add a variety of content and styling to your report. Most of the features can be accessed by clicking the relevant icon in the toolbar. See the Toolbar article for all of the available features.

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