Exporting Dashboards

This article explains how to export dashboards.

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Dashboards can be exported as Chained Reports, each tile appearing on a separate page in the output file. Dashboards can be exported to any of the available export types (Excel, PDF, RTF, CSV) and can be e-mailed or scheduled.

Note: Each Dashboard tile will display in a separate worksheet tab in Excel exports.

Exported Dashboards consist of only report and visualization tiles. Filter tiles are excluded from the Chained Report output but the default filter values apply to their affected tiles.

Note: The default values of the filters are reflected in the exported Dashboard even if the filter tiles have been adjusted before exporting.

Export Options

Export options for Dashboards are found in both the Report Tree and the Dashboard Designer.

Export a Dashboard from the Report Tree by right-clicking the Dashboard name or by first selecting the report in the tree, then clicking the Menu

icon, hovering over Export As and then choose the preferred export type from the list.

Export a Dashboard from the Dashboard Designer by clicking the Export icon in the top toolbar and selecting an export type. See the Dashboard Designer article for more information.

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