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Using MS Excel Plugin
Using MS Excel Plugin

This article helps you understand how to use Asite's plugin for MS Excel.

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Users on Asite can upload revisions of MS Excel files directly to Asite using the MS Office plug-ins.

  • Asite Navigator the desktop application of Asite needs to be installed on user machine.

1. Once the MS Excel plug-in is installed, you will get to see the add-in when you view a file in MS Excel application. Select 'Ask' from dropdown list.

2. By selecting 'Ask' system will ask you to save the revised document on Asite or not.

  • Selecting 'Always' option will skip the above step and it will directly show the below pop up window for selecting project.

3. Click 'Yes' system will open a new pop up for Asite Navigator Select the appropriate project.

4. Select the appropriate folder from the selected project. Click on 'Select Folder'.

5. Key in the required document attributes for this document like document title and revision number.

6. Click on 'Set Distribution' to distribute this document to other users and Click on 'Upload'.

7. Uploaded document is accessible from Asite Navigator as well as Asite Web.

8. Every time you will edit and save this document depending upon your choice for 'Ask' or 'Always' it will repeat the above steps.

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