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Make a payment via ACH Bank Transfer
Make a payment via ACH Bank Transfer

This article helps you understand how to make an online payment via ACH Bank Transfer on Asite.

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Asite has integrated with Stripe (a third party payment service) to enable its users to make online payments via ACH Bank Transfer option. Below are the details regarding this payment process and the steps involved:


Existing valid U.S. bank account details

Funds are only accepted in USD.

Steps to connect your bank account and complete the verification process

1. Proceed to the relevant payment section on Asite as applicable.

2. Payment modes like 'Card' or 'Bank Payment' will appear depending on availability. Select 'Bank Transfer' for payment via ACH Bank Transfer.

3. If ACH Bank Transfer is selected as payment method, then it will redirect you to Stripe ACH platform (Stripe is a third party payment service integrated on Asite), where the bank details need be entered as shown below:

4. Once the below details are entered correctly, you will be redirected to complete verification process as shown below:

Two micro deposits will be done by Stripe into your account which may take upto 2-3 days.
Once the correct deposit amount is entered, the account will be verified.
Once the verification is done, only after that you will be able to make the actual payment.

Steps to complete ACH payment after bank details are added

1. Go to the relevant page on Asite and proceed to continue the payment process by clicking on 'Pay Now' button.

When the application is submitted but the bank account is not verified, system will display the status as 'Verification Pending' or 'Pending'. If the verification is done from Stripe for the bank account, the status will be displayed as 'Open'.

'Pay Now' button will be disabled until the verification is completed from Stripe i.e. micro deposits to be confirmed by customer (Approx. 2-7 days)

2. Once the verification is done from Stripe, the 'Pay Now' button will be activated on Asite Platform. As Stripe only allow payments after bank account verification.

3. Clicking on 'Pay Now' button will redirect you to Stripe ACH page, where you can complete the payment.

4. Given below would be the sample view for payment via ACH. You will not have flexibility to enter the custom amount.

Above payment amount will be total prepopulated amount which will be inclusive of Asite platform fees as applicable.
This amount will be a fixed price and will not be editable
Once the payment is done, it can take up to 7 days for the payment to reflect.

5. Once the payment confirmation is successful from Stripe, Customer will be displayed status as 'Paid' on Asite.

Asite will not be responsible for refunds if payments done by ACH. You need to contact Stripe in case of payment failure/refunds.

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