Indexation Information
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This is where you enter the indexation information for your contract. Below is a description of the available fields:

A. Projected Price Adjustment for Inflation £

Enter projected price adjustment for inflation. This field is mandatory to fill.

B. Add New Indexation Information

To add new indexation information, you need to click on 'Add New Indexation Information' option available at bottom left of this form section. It will open a layered screen with options to enter details regarding new indexation.

B1. Payment Assessment No.

Enter payment assessment number as applicable.

B2. Assessment Date

Enter payment assessment date as applicable.

B3. Price Adjustment Factor %

Enter price adjustment factor in percentage.

B4. Price Adjustment Value £

Enter price adjustment value.

B5. Price Adjustment Value Cumulative £

Enter price adjustment value in cumulative terms.

B6. Final Account Agreed

Turn the switch button on if the final account is agreed, else keep it turned off.

Enter required details as explained above then click 'Update' to close the 'Indexation Information' screen and get back to the previous screen, else click 'Close'.

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