Historic Risk Information
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In case there are users or companies who already have created historic risk information and if they want to keep it for records, they can insert the historic early warning information by clicking on the 'Historic Risk Information' option available at the left side of this form.

A. Add New Historic Risk Information

To add new historic risk information, you need to click on 'Add New Historic Risk Information' option available at bottom left of this form section. It will open a layered screen with options to enter details regarding historic risk information.

A1. Early Warning Id

Enter the early warning id number as applicable.

A2. Notification Date

Select a notification date from the calendar.

A3. User Ref

Enter a user reference number as applicable.

A4. Description

Enter a description about this historic risk.

A5. Consequences

Enter consequences of this historic risk.

A6. Section

Select a section for this historic risk applicable. Available option is 'Contract Wide'.

A7. Probability

Enter probability of this historic risk.

A8. Status

Select a status for this historic risk as applicable. Available options are 'Closed', 'Open' and 'Pending'.

A9. Actions recorded at Risk Reduction Meeting

Enter actions recorded at risk reduction meeting for this historic risk.

A10. Notes from the Risk Reduction Meeting

Enter notes captured from the risk reduction meeting for this historic risk.

A11. Increase Price and Days?

Turn the switch on or off to say if price and days on the contract needs to be increased or not.

A12. Projected Price Change

Enter projected price change value based on this historic risk.

A13. Projected Programme Change (Days)

Enter projected programme change in days based on this historic risk.

A14. Incident

Enter incident details as applicable for this historic risk.

Enter required details then click 'Update' to apply changes to the contract and get back to the previous screen, else click 'Close'.

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