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View Form Details / Message Trail
View Form Details / Message Trail

This article helps you understand how to view existing form details and message trail.

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Form viewer enables you to complete your incomplete tasks on forms by clicking on 'Form Details' icon showing form details as well as message trail.

1. Follow the steps for opening the form in viewer.

2. The count showing with the 'Form Details' icon is based on the number of form responses on which there are pending tasks including ORI message.

3. Use the dropdowns corresponding to each form response to perform any pending form tasks.

4. There will be an attachment icon that will show close to the dropdown in case there are attachments included in the concerned form response.

5. Tasks displayed with green tick indicates that particular task is completed on selected form. Below is a description of various icons available:





To refresh the content within the popup.


To maximize the popup.

Dock Content

To dock the content within the same page so that you don't need to click again to view the popup content.

Undock Content

To undock the docked content.


To close the popup.

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