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Uploading Assembly / Product Files and it’s Part Files
Uploading Assembly / Product Files and it’s Part Files

This article helps you understand how to upload assembly / product files and it's part files.

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The assembly files generate a geometry by assembling various part files and henceforth it is mandatory to upload part files within assembly file.

1. To upload 3d files, navigate to project and destination folder where 3D files need to be uploaded. This option validates for your permission to upload new files to the folder.

2. Click on 'Upload' button to upload files to Asite platform. Asite allows you to select any files via browsing or drag and drop from local system.

3. If selected files include any assembly file, then the files list shows attributes with a message.

4. It allows you to attach the part file within each of the assembly file by using 'Choose File' button where you are allowed to attach a file, in case of multiple part files you have to compress all the files as .zip or .rar and then attach it.

5. Clicking on 'Upload', system initiates the upload process of both the assembly file (and product file) and its referenced part files as well as other files if available in same upload request.

6. If you select assembly file and tries to upload it without attaching part files, it gives a prompt message.

7. Clicking on 'Cancel', it redirects to previous layer page with all the files listed and it allows you to upload part file.

8. Clicking on 'Continue', the assembly file upload process initiates without supported part file.

9. Successfully uploaded file displays in files listing area.

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