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This article helps you understand how to create a new placeholder.

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This functionality allows you (if you have appropriate permissions) to pre-publish files whereby the system creates a record for the file and captures relevant attributes for the file. Then it allows you to publish the file to the record at a later point in time.

1. To create a placeholder for new file, select the project folder under the 'Files' tab.

2. Click on icon to access more options. Select 'Files > Publish Files Placeholder' option.

3. Click on 'Publish Files Placeholder', to create a new placeholder.

4. It opens a 'Create Placeholder' window.

5. Enter the number of new placeholder if multiple placeholders need to be created. This value is 1 by default.

6. Enter the file details for the placeholders in the required fields. Document reference, revision, document title and purpose of Issue are mandatory fields.

7. Status will default to 'Prepublished' and cannot be changed.

8. To import bulk placeholder using Asite excel template, click on icon on top right of the popup screen. Bulk placeholders functionality can be used for both - create placeholders for new files and publishing revisions.

9. Open the Asite excel template for bulk placeholders and key in the details for all mandatory fields and optional fields as required.

10. Now click on icon on top right of the popup screen to upload the duly filled Asite excel template. A prompt message will appear.

11. Click 'Continue' to proceed.

12. The screen to import file attributes will appear. Select the file to import and then click 'Import'.

13. Data entered in the Asite excel template will be pre-filled in the 'Create Placeholder' popup screen.

14. To distribute files, click on icon.

To - To field enables you to add recipient name for distribution. Suggested names can be viewed as you click or type in the characters in the 'To' textbox.

15. Now only one recipient can be selected from the dropdown list and only 'For Publishing' task can be assigned, number of placeholders can be more.

16. Select a task due date. Same task due date will apply for all the placeholders you are creating in one go.

17. Subject - Enter the relevant subject for the distribution.

18. Select the 'Bulk Apply' option to apply same attributes to all placeholders (in case of multiple placeholders).

19. Click on 'Assign Placeholder Action' button to publish a new placeholder.

20. Placeholder gets created with status as 'Prepublished'.

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