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Asite provides separate view for forms distribution within 'Project Forms' area. This view is available upon selecting the 'Distribution' tab at the top.

Forms 'Distribution' view lists all the distribution on project forms that user is involved with. Tasks assigned to the logged in user will appear as a hyperlink under the 'Recipient Task' column corresponding to the transmittal record, allowing the user to complete their task by clicking on the same.

Below are the steps to be followed for completing tasks through the forms distribution view:

1. Forms 'Distribution' view contains record of every project form distribution along with the message id and the relevant information like 'Form Title', 'Recipient Name', 'Recipient Task', 'Recipient Org', 'Task Time', 'Task Status', etc.

2. The 'Recipient Task' column will display the task assigned on form for corresponding recipient.

3. Click on the 'Form ID' or 'Form Title' to open the concerned form in viewer.

4. Click on the recipient name to view details of the recipient.

5. Being a logged in user, you can complete the tasks that are specifically assigned to you (based on Form Settings configuration). To do this, click on the task name which will show up as a hyperlink to complete the corresponding form task.

6. Relevant screen will appear allowing you to complete the selected form task.

7. As seen in the example screenshot above, check the box for completing task and click on 'Submit' button to complete the selected 'For Acknowledgement' task.

8. Accordingly, you can use the task hyperlink to complete other form tasks that may be assigned to you by other team members.

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