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This article helps you understand how to create a new group task.

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Users can create and manage tasks within groups of which they are a part of. Below are the steps to create a task:

1. All the groups accessible to you will be available to search from within left panel. Select a particular group and go to the 'Send an aMessage' textbox available on right side.

2. Click on the aMessage icon. The icon will change to the task icon, allowing you to start creating a task.
Alternately, type in '#' character which automatically displays the task icon, allowing you to start creating a task.

3. Enter a title for the task.

4. To select a specific assignee for this task, type in '@' character. A list of members in selected group will populate as a dropdown. Select a group member to assign the task.

A task is by default assigned to the logged in user, in case a specific assignee is not selected.

5. Click on the Paper airplane icon to complete creating the task, or press 'Enter' key. A popup will appear at right side allowing you to edit further details of this task.
By default, task status is 'To Do', task priority is 'Normal' and due date is set to the current date while creating a task.

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