Blocks under 'Text' Category

This article helps you understand blocks available under 'Text' category in AppBuilder Code Editor.

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See example to understand how to use 'Quote' block.

Allows you to type in text, which can then be entered into other text items or printed to output as required.

Create Text

The setup screen appears when you click the gear icon, and closes when you click it again. You can add any number of items from the setup screen, which provide one socket each for text input. The 'Create Text' function will then add the text strings together, from top to bottom, creating a single string of all the text. In the above example, the output will be 'Connect people and help the world build better'.

Text Modification

The to...append text block adds the given text to the specified variable.

Text Length

The length of blocks count the number of letters, numbers, etc., in each text.

Check Empty Text

The is empty block checks whether the given text is empty.

Find Text

These blocks can be used to check whether a piece of text is in another piece of text and, if so, where it appears.

Extract Text

Returns the letter at the specified position, #1 is the first item. Available options are 'letter #', 'letter# from end', 'first letter', 'last letter', 'random letter'.

Extract Text Region

Returns a specified portion of the text. Available options are:

  • Starting with either:

    • letter #

    • letter # from end

    • the first letter

  • and ending with either:

    • letter #

    • letter # from end

    • the last letter

Adjust Text Case

Return a copy of the text in a different case.

Trim Space from Text

Return a copy of the text with spaces removed from one or both ends.

Copy to Console

Return a copy of the text in console log.


Convert to String or JSON format.

Get Input from User

Block for getting a text or a number from the user, which can be stored in a variable.

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