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Merge IFC Files in Model Viewer
Merge IFC Files in Model Viewer
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If a federated model is created on your Asite project by combining IFC model files based on their discipline, you have an option to merge different IFC model files from that federated model. This will help you in exporting the federated model in IFC format or COBie format.

To do this, open the relevant federated model in viewer, go to 'Merge' option available in the viewer top bar as shown below.

Click on 'Merge' option to continue from here.

Please note here that if a model file is already merged in another federated model. such IFC file data cannot be merged.

While merging IFC files, you need to first select the discipline for each IFC model file that you need to merge based on their 'Doc Ref'. Next, select the checkbox opposite the Doc Ref to confirm which files you need to merge and then click on 'Merge' to confirm.

A prompt will appear if you want to proceed further with the merging of selected IFC files.

Click on 'Proceed' to continue and complete the merging of selected IFC model files.

Please note here that this action cannot be reverted back once done and the same IFC model file cannot be available for merging on other federated model if already merged on one federated model.

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