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Welcome to aMail
Welcome to aMail

Learn what aMail is and how it will help you.

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aMail is an Outlook plugin and add-in that connects your inbox and the Asite Cloud. It is an email management tool that enables you to save emails and attachments in your project folders on Asite, providing a secure and central filing cabinet for project-related correspondence.

aMail Features

aMail is available as a downloadable plugin, which is available on the Asite website, and an Outlook add-in, which can be found in Outlook’s add-ins store.

Due to the technical limitations of Outlook’s add-ins, some of the aMail downloadable plugin features are not available in the add-in version.

Below is a table outlining the features of both our plugin and add-in.

aMail feature

Downloadable Plugin

Outlook Add-In

Supported Devices

Windows Outlook Desktop

Windows Outlook Website
Mac Outlook Desktop
Mac Outlook Website
Android Mobile Application

iOS Mobile Application

Save emails and attachments to Asite Cloud

View saved email details

Search saved emails and attachments within Outlook

Attach files from your Cloud directly in Outlook

Save multiple emails in bulk


Right-click to save


Icon displayed on saved emails


Save emails as you send


Set up Rules for automatic filing


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