Choose your default preferences for saving emails and attachments to Asite.

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When you log in for the first time, it will open the ‘Settings’ screen in the right-hand aMail panel to prompt you to set up your default preferences.

To change or update your preferences, click on ‘Settings’ in the aMail ribbon menu.

Your ‘Settings’ will open in the aMail panel on the right-hand side of your Outlook window.

Settings: Save Email Preferences

Saving emails with attachments will show three options. Under this setting, you can choose which option is your default selection.

  • Save email with attachments
    This option saves the email as the primary file and the attachments as secondary files in the selected folder.

  • Save attachments as a separate file
    Tick this box to save the email and attachments as separate, individual files in the selected folder.

  • Save email without attachments
    This option saves only the email without the attachments in the selected folder.

  • Save attachments only
    This option saves only the attachments without the email in the selected folder. If there is more than one attachment, it will be saved as a zip file under the email’s subject file name.

    • Save attachment as a separate file
      This option saves all the attachments separately in the selected folder.

Settings: Prompt Message option

Enable this option to have aMail prompt you to save any sent emails. You can disable this by unchecking the ‘Save Sent Email’ option.

Settings: Select Location

Select a folder as the default location for saving emails.

Click on the drop-down to select one of your most recently used or favorite folders from Asite. This list displays your top 10 most recently used and favorite folders.

To access all the projects and folders you have access on Asite, click on ‘Show all Folders’.

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