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Set up Rules for Saving Emails Automatically
Set up Rules for Saving Emails Automatically

Save emails automatically to Asite

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Emails can be saved automatically directly to the Asite folders by creating rules using the ‘Set up Rules’ feature.

To set up a new rule or manage the existing ones, click on aMail in the ribbon area of Outlook and select ‘Set up Rules’ icon. The panel will open on the right-hand side.

  • Set Up a New Rule:
    To set up a new rule, click on ‘Create Rule’ and enter the conditions based on which you want emails to be saved directly to the selected folders.

    You can save emails automatically to Asite Folders by selecting the checkbox for each of the conditions available and entering the conditions data:

    Select the location where the emails will be saved automatically and click on ‘Save’.

    Note: Emails can not be automatically saved to Folders with custom attributes, as it requires manually entering the metadata. Those folders won’t be displayed in the ‘Select Location’ option.

  • Edit or Delete an Existing Rule:
    You can edit or delete any existing rules by selecting one of the two options available next to each rule.

  • Edit an Existing Rule
    To edit existing rules, click on the pencil icon to change the rule’s conditions. Once changes are done, click on ‘Save’.

  • Delete an Existing Rule
    To delete an existing rule, click on the bin icon. You will be displayed with a pop-up. Click on ‘Yes’ to proceed with the deletion.

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