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Search emails and attachments saved to Asite

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To search the emails and attachments saved to Asite, go to aMail in the ribbon area of Outlook and select ‘Search Email’.

A pop-up window will be displayed in Outlook, listing the projects and folders on the left-hand side and the emails and attachments on the right-hand side.

You can filter the search by a project or folder name, email, and attachment content to perform a search.

  • Search Location:
    Enter the project name to filter your search by a specific projects, favourite, or all locations.

  • Search Project, Folder:
    Enter the project or folder name to filter your search.

  • Emails Tab:
    This section will display all emails saved via aMail to the Asite Cloud by any user with access to the selected project.

  • Attachments Tab:
    This section will display all attachments saved as separate files or attachments only options via aMail to the Asite folders.

  • Search Email and Attachment Content:

    To search by the email or attachments content, enter a subject or phrase included in the email message or attachments and press enter. The emails or attachments containing the entered content will be filtered.

  • Filters:

    You can also select an option within the Filters to further refine your search results based on various other filter criteria listed below:

    • From: Filter records by email originator

    • To: Filter records by email recipients

    • Subject: Filter records by email subject

    • Email Date: Filter record by email date

    • Cc: Filter records by Cc recipients

    • Attachments: Filter records based on whether email is saved with attachments or not

    • Publisher: Filter record based on who saved the email to Asite

    • Date: Filter record by date on which email was saved to Asite

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