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Expression of Interest (Applicable for Public Tenders Only)
Expression of Interest (Applicable for Public Tenders Only)
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While creating an invitation to tender, users in 'Tender Team' are able to specify whether the tender they are creating will be 'Public' or 'Private'.

'Public' tenders are displayed in marketplace where all the potential bidders can express their interest on the tender by raising an 'Expression of Interest' form.

Below are the steps to create an 'Expression of Interest' form:

1. Once logged in to Asite, go to the ‘Project Forms’ tab and select the project in which form is to be created.

2. Expand the ‘Expression of Interest’ form group and select ‘Expression of Interest’ form type.

3. Click on ‘+’ button available at top right.

4. It will open the ‘Create Form’ screen as shown below:

5. Given below is a description of all the fields available in ‘Create Form’ view:

5.1. EOI for Tender

Select the form ID of related Invitation to tender for which expression of interest is being raised.

5.2. User Name

Displays the name of user expressing interest on selected tender (as per selected 'EOI for Tender).

5.3. Expression of Interest Reason

Enter a description as part of expressing interest on selected tender.

5.4. Attachment

Click to upload an external file if applicable.

5.5. Associate Docs

Associate an existing project file to this form if applicable, from the same or other project based on user access.

5.6. Associate Apps

Associate another existing project form to this form if applicable, from the same or other project based on user access.

6. Click ‘Send’ to submit the form.

In case you plan to edit and submit later, use the 'Save Draft' button to save the

details as a draft. In such a scenario, you have an option to get the draft message

reviewed by some other user by assigning them 'Review Draft' task.

Click 'Cancel' if you want to entirely cancel the form under creation. Clicking on

'Cancel' will prompt the user to confirm once again as any unsaved data in the form

under creation will be lost forever once it is cancelled.

7. Once submitted successfully, you will be redirected to Asite Marketplace public open bids listing with the relevant public bid highlighted for which you had submitted form expressing interest.

8. Click on 'Express Interest' button on Marketplace to complete the process.

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