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With the Asite AppBuilder Designer, you are now able to try a new look on all your existing form designs. You will get a prompt (as shown below) when you open your existing form design templates once you have received this update:

From here, you can click on 'Switch to New Look' to directly try the new look with your form design. Alternatively, if you wish to try it later, click 'Cancel' for the time being.

Click here to understand any adjustments that you may need to make while switching your AppBuilder form template from old look to new look.

Later on, you can always click on 'Switch to New Look' switch option available at top right.

Please note that any new form designs will be created by default with the new look once you have received this update.

How does it benefit you as a user?

The new look in Asite AppBuilder makes your form design more appealing and more responsive (especially for mobile devices).

Below are the highlights of the new AppBuilder look for your reference:

  • In-line display of labels in most of the controls. More suitable for mobile view.

  • Every column in repeating table will appear as separate rows on smaller screen for better visibility. Makes it easier for users to navigate between the fields.
    Below is a sample screenshots of a 'Site Task' form - web view and mobile view - in the new look:
    โ€‹[ Web View ]

    [ Mobile View ]

  • Selecting a dropdown option or site location or picking a date/time will work differently in mobile view. Improves user experience while working on small screens.

Things to take care of

When you are switching on the new look for your AppBuilder form templates, there are certain adjustments you may need to make to ensure a seamless experience for everyone using your form template for various project communication needs.

Since labels will display in-line as per the type of field, if you are using label control separately, you might want to change the form template to improve user experience if required.

If you are using a repeating table in your form design and if you have header option to define labels, you may need to remove header depending on your design and just start using the in-line labels available for controls as applicable.

[ Example of labels placed in-line with the new look in a repeating table ]

[ Example of labels placed in the header as per old look, and which may not be suitable for the new look ]

Once you have made necessary changes, it is advisable to try running the form yourself by publishing the changes specifically on small screens (before all the other team members start using it).

Just in case you need some time before starting to use the new look, you do have an option to revert back to old look by turning off the switch option 'Switch to New Look'.

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