Edit Access on a Project Template
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Permission as mentioned below, on the project template in which access is to be edited:

  • To manage the project template, 'Admin' permission assigned to you, your organization or a user group in which you are a member.

Below are the steps to follow while editing access on an existing project template:

1. Navigate to 'Projects' tab and go to the project template on which access is to be edited. Use the search and filter options to find the required project template if needed.

2. Once you have found the required project template, right click and select 'Edit Access to Template'.

3. The screen to edit access on selected template appears.

4. You can search for users from your organization by typing in their email address and pressing 'Enter' key or select the hyperlink that populates as a dropdown to give them the corresponding permission on the template.

You can also assign access based on user groups or organizations accessible to you if any.

5. You can assign any one permission for each user on project template. Click or type in the characters within the textbox and suggested names of organizations or user groups will appear accordingly.

6. Select required user as per the permissions you need to assign, then click 'Save' option available at bottom left.

7. You are able to use the filter options at the header to filter the list based on the name of user, user group or organization as and when required.

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