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Two Way Automatic Synchronization of Files
Two Way Automatic Synchronization of Files

This article helps you understand how to automatically sync files from Asite Web Server to and fro from your local Asite Working folder.

Updated this week

Asite Navigator allows seamless two way synchronization process of files from your local working folder and Asite web application. Click here to install the Asite Navigator setup.

Note โ€“ If you wish to enable '2 way Auto Sync' feature, please contact your account manager or Asite Support

Your local working folder is updated in real time with the latest version of files if synchronization is enabled in Asite Navigator. Moreover, the files you upload in such folder are made available on Asite web application in real time (if uploaded in online mode).

There are two different ways available to enable two way synchronization on project folders within Asite Navigator. Click on the relevant topic for more details.

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