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This article helps you understand how to create a 'No Comment' on a file if a specific aMessage to create.

Updated over a week ago

Users on Asite can create 'No Comment' on files if they do not want to create aMessage on them. Availability of the option to create no comment on a file may depend upon your accessibility.

1. To create 'No Comment' on file, select the project folder under the 'Files' tab.

2. Right click on file name. select 'No Comment' option available in submenu of 'New'.

Note: Markups, aMessage or no comments cannot be created when 'Commenting' activity is locked for the selected file. (See Activity Lock on Files)

3. Clicking on 'No Comment' link, files listing page populates a layered page with new discussion window.

4. 'No Comment' page contains:

To [Task] - This field will be disabled while creating a 'No Comment'.

Title - Title field is disabled as 'No Comment'.

Description - Description field is also disabled as 'No Comment'.

5. Click on 'Submit' to create aMessage.

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