Publish Placeholder

This article helps you understand how to publish a placeholder in your Asite project folder.

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Placeholders are records of files that will be published in the future. The relevant attributes for the file is entered with the placeholder. Availability of the option to publish a placeholder may depend upon your accessibility. Users can now create placeholders without the mandatory distribution step.

This functionality can be used to:

a. Notify others when file (or the next revision of a file) will be published.

b. Allow project administrators (or privileged team members) to give the publisher of a file a task to publish a new revision of the file.

c. Allow users who do not have a permission to upload files in a folder, the ability to upload specific files (By giving them task to publish a file).

The task of creating a placeholder for a file allows the project team to know that the file is being edited and when they can expect the next version.

Key to the placeholders functionality is the addition of a document reference field that acts as the unique identifier of all files stored within Asite.

Use placeholder functionality with two different ways:

1. Create Placeholders for new File - If the file for which placeholder is to be created, is a new file (i.e. no revisions of it have been published to Asite).

2. Create Placeholders for new Revisions of Existing File - If the file for which placeholder is to be created, is already existing.

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