Start Workflow on Files

This article helps you understand how to start workflow on your files in Asite.

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Users on Asite having role privilege 'Manage Workflow Rules' can start a workflow on any of the files accessible to them, depending on the workflow configuration.

Note: This option will not work if a workflow is already running on selected file / set of files.

Below are the steps to start workflow on a file:

1. Right click on a file / a set of files depending on the folder on which workflow is configured, and select 'Start Workflow' option.

2. The screen to start workflow will appear. Here, you need to select from available workflow configurations the one workflow that needs to be started on selected file / set of files.

3. Use the checkbox corresponding to the workflow record for selecting that particular workflow.

4. After selecting the checkbox for concerned workflow, click 'Start' link at bottom of the popup screen to confirm starting the workflow. A prompt will appear indicating that workflow has initiated for selected file / set of files.

5. Once the workflow is started, the workflow status for selected files will appear as 'RUNNING'. You can click on the workflow status to know progress of the workflow (See Managing Workflow Instances).

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