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This article helps you understand how to compare files in Asite.

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All files and drawings uploaded to Asite can be compared using the Asite File Viewer.

Compare Files in Universal Web Viewer

1. To compare files, navigate to project and destination folder where files need to be compared.

2. Select two files that are to be compared and right click on them. Select 'Compare > Files'.

You can also compare between revisions of the same file as well from the Asite File Viewer. Once the file is open, click on icon then choose 'Compare File With' and select file revision to compare with.

3. The file comparison viewer will open in a new browser tab.

4. The comparison toolbar appears at top right of the viewing window. The toolbar contains various buttons for different viewing options.

  • (Side-By-Side) - To see both versions in a split-screen view. Click right or left to select the active document for which to apply file functions.

  • (Overlay) - To overlay both file versions on top of each other. Below is a description of the color legends that can be used to identify difference while using 'Overlay' option:

    • Green color stands for additions

    • Red color stands for deletions

    • If there is no addition or deletion, such portion is displayed in grey color.

  • (Left Only) - To view only the file that was first opened in the left pane.

  • (Right Only) - To view only the file that was opened for compare in the right pane.

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