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Deactivate Files or Placeholders

This article helps you understand how to deactivate files or placeholders in your Asite project folder.

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Folder administrators on Asite can deactivate all or specific versions of files or placeholders accessible to them.

1. To deactivate files or placeholders, select the project folder under the 'Files' tab.

2. Select files or placeholders to be deactivated and click on 'More Options' to select 'Files > Deactivate Files' option.

3. Click on 'Deactivate Files' option. A confirmation screen will appear to show the files or placeholders being deactivated. The option to deactivate a file or placeholder depends on:

[3a] whether you have 'Admin' rights in the folder in which the files are published or not.

[3b] whether the role in which you belong has 'Deactivate Documents' privilege or not.
Only the files or placeholders matching the above criteria will show up in the 'Deactivate Files' popup.

4. Tick the 'Deactivate Entire File' checkbox against the file revision if you need to deactivate all revisions of the selected file or placeholder.

Please note that you don't need to select the checkbox 'Deactivate Entire File' if you want to deactivate only the selected revision, in case there are multiple revisions on selected file.

5. Click 'Deactivate' button to deactivate selected file or placeholder.

6. The selected file or placeholder has been deactivated and it will be displayed with a icon on all the pages. To view deactivated file or placeholder, click on 'Create Filter' and select 'Active / Inactive' dynamic filter.

7. Select 'Inactive Only' as filter value for active filter which shows only inactive files or placeholders in files listing area.

8. Deactivated files or placeholders are displayed with icon.

It is advisable to move such deactivated files or placeholders to a separate project folder in case you need to manage them separately and avoid any sort of confusion. See how to move files if required.

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