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This article helps you understand how to move files within your Asite project.

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Users on Asite can move published files to other folder within the project, no matter whether it is a 2D drawing file or a 3D model file. You need 'Publish' or above (includes 'Publish & Link' or 'Admin') permission on the target/destination folder for moving files (See folder permissions).

For moving own files, you need to have the role privilege 'Can Move Own Files'.

1. To move file, select the project folder under the 'Files' tab.

2. Select files to move and click on 'More Options' to select 'Files > Move Files' button.

3. Click on 'Move Files' button. Clicking 'Move Files' button, files listing page populates a layered page with 'Target Folder' window.

4. Select the destination folder to move the selected files.

5. You may move files to another folder by selecting a folder wherein you have permission to access.

6. Click on 'Submit' to move the files to the selected destination folder.

For following scenarios, file cannot be moved (On the user interface, mouse over on the error code to find out the error description):

Error Code



Document reference already exists at destination folder.


Selected documents have same document reference.


File name of one of the revisions already exists in destination folder.


One of the revisions of the following selected files have same filename.


User moving the files does not have 'Admin' access on the folders or is not the publisher of any of the revision of the files.


You require Publish or Publish and Link or Admin Permission on the source folder of this file to move it.

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