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This article helps you understand how to edit an original form message.

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Project users have the ability to edit the ORI message created at a later stage. This facility is available on the form types for which the form template setting of 'Allow Editing ORI Message' is set to 'Yes'. Users can edit the form message content as well as the associations, attachments & attributes. Click here to know more about how to manage form settings.

Additionally the setting for 'Allow Import in Edit ORI' has to be 'Yes' and appropriate option for either 'overwrite' or 'merge' has to be selected.

'Overwrite' option - This option will overwrite the information in ORI message completely and replace it with the data from excel sheet which is uploaded.

'Merge' option - This option will merge the contents of the ORI message with the contents of the excel sheet which is imported, the data already present in the ORI will be retained and new additional data from excel file will be imported.

1. Keep the excel file which needs to be imported ready.

2. Navigate to 'Project Forms' tab and click on the form type to access the forms listing.

3. Click on the form id that needs to be edited and it will open in a new browser tab.

4. Click on 'Edit ORI' option in 'Task' menu to view form in the edit mode.

5. In edit mode, click on 'Import from Excel' button to enable the excel import.

6. Click on 'Choose File' to select the excel file to be imported from machine.

7. Select the file and import it. System will prompt if the excel data is imported successfully.

8. System will display a message based on whether the selected excel file is associated with the form which you are editing or not.

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