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This article helps you understand how to assign or remove visibility on your forms in Asite.

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Users on Asite having role privilege 'Can Edit Visibility of Objects' can assign or remove visibility on any of the forms accessible to them. It is also required that the relevant project has the setting 'Enable Object level visibility of private information' enabled.

Below are the steps to assign visibility on an form:

1. Right click on a form and select 'Visibility' option.

2. The screen to assign visibility for selected form will appear.

3. Click on the 'To' field to select users, distribution groups, roles or organizations to assign visibility.

If selecting a distribution group, a role or an organization, it is treated as an object - meaning that new users added to that object will automatically get access to selected form, Any users removed from that object will lose access on selected form.

4. To remove a visibility that's already existing for any particular user, distribution group, role or organization, click on the corresponding cross icon.

Please note that existing visibility of any user or an object such as a distribution group, a role or an organization cannot be removed if there are active task assignments on selected form.

5. Click 'Save' button to complete assigning the visibility on selected form.

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