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This article helps you understand how to get started with Asite AppBuilder.

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An app can be defined as a collection of forms that are interdependent on each other.

An app template can be defined as the design of a form which includes various views like original message (ORI) view, response (RES) view, print view and so on.

Asite AppBuilder provides an interface for users to design, save and publish form or app templates.

Users with or without any programming knowledge can design as well as deploy form templates within Asite using its own AppBuilder functionality. The design interface of Asite AppBuilder is made user friendly by supporting drag and drop functionality for all of its controls.

You can add logos to brand and change the look and feel to exactly match your current forms ensuring that users are familiar with the format.

By using the Asite Visual Workflow Manager, your forms can be routed to the right people and you can easily track their progress, helping ensure your processes run smoothly.

You can design your own form templates from scratch, making it simple and easy to gain control of the numerous processes you must deal with daily.

  • 'Point & Click' form editor to edit your own form

  • Design tables, sections, picture controls

  • Handles validation and rules to manage workflows

  • Based on .XML schema

  • Import Word and Excel files

  • Integrates with multiple web-services

  • Integrates seamlessly with Asite

  • Powerful APIs and robust SPs

To get started with Asite AppBuilder, you need to first become a certified Asite AppBuilder designer.

How to get certified?

To get certified and become a certified Asite AppBuilder designer, click here to contact our team.

Our representative will then get in touch and fix an appointment with you at a convenient date and time.

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