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This article helps you understand how to add a form template using AppBuilder Designer.

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Certified Asite AppBuilder designers can add new form templates in their project. Form templates created using Asite Appbuilder are HTML 5.0 compliant.

Below are the steps to add a new form template:

1. In the thumb view, do a mouse hover on the project thumbnail and click on 'gear' icon. A layered page opens. Click on the 'Add App' option. In the list view, do a right click on the project record and select 'Apps > Add App'.

Alternatively, click on + icon available at the top of 'Manage App Settings' screen to add a new form template.

2. A layered page appears as shown below.

3. Enter form template related information like name (minimum 2 characters), group code (minimum 3 and maximum 4 characters), group name and AppBuilder id (minimum 3 characters). 'Name' and 'Group Code' are mandatory fields to fill in.

The AppBuilder id needs to be unique to ensure smooth activation of your form.

4. Click on 'Save to Project and Continue' button to complete adding the new form template and move on to its form settings screen.

5. On the 'Manage App Settings' listing page, the newly created form will be available as a separate record and it will be in 'Inactive' mode by default.

Click here for detailed help on how to activate the form template once added.

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