Asite + Zoom Integration

This article shows you how to integrate zoom across Asite.

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Together, Asite and Zoom enable real-time collaboration on shared content to help project teams when working remotely or away from their projects.

The Zoom integration will allow you to start a meeting from Asite platform.

Asite platform users will be able to start Zoom meetings - facilitating instant collaboration - and schedule meetings with other team members or stakeholders.

Meeting recipients can join Zoom meetings or calls on their Zoom App without logging into the Asite platform, allowing for seamless information sharing throughout the entire supply chain.

Salient features of Zoom integration in Asite platform

Real-time collaboration – Whether you’re looking at your project documents or a relevant form, you can instantly start a Zoom meeting directly from the Asite Platform without having to switch over to the Zoom App.

Improve team communication and improve efficiency - Easily share screens and project information from the Asite platform with third party members.

The Asite and Zoom integration allows you to:

  • Create and join Zoom meetings directly from Asite

  • Instantly start a new Zoom meeting while viewing a file or an form

  • Use all available Zoom specific features once connected

  • Set meeting title automatically based on the file title or form title

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