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Model Navigation

This article helps you understand how to navigate across 'Models' tab.

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'Models' tab contains a tiled view listing all project models accessible to you. This includes all functions which are available in the native Asite Navigator application.

1. To view project model list, click on 'Models' tab.

2. You are displayed a list of all project models accessible to you. On mouse hover of the model icon, you can view information related to the model.

Mark as Favourite icon - To mark this model as favourite model. Once model is added to the favourite model list, model will be displayed in the favourite models widget on your dashboard.

View Model - To view model in model viewer. Clicking the link, it launches the model viewer in a new window viewing the model content.

Edit icon - To access the model properties. Clicking the icon, models listing page populates a layered page with properties window.

Attachment icon - To upload new attachments or view existing attachments on the model. Clicking the link, models listing page will populate a layered page with 'Attachments' window.

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