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This article helps you understand how to view model object details.

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Object details displays properties / details of the selected object. It also contains association and audit history of selected object.

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Detailed Properties

1. You can view building object details by selecting the right click option called 'View Object Details' for an object in the visualization as well as in model tree.

1a In model tree

1b In visualization pane

2. This section displays all the basic properties of the selected object.


1. Associations lists all files associated with selected building object. It also enables you to associate more files and remove already associated files from selected building object if any. Do a right click on associated file to view it in the files viewer.

2. Clicking on 'Associations' button, it shows all the files (with attributes) associated with building object. Object window also allows you to view the associated file by selecting associated file and right click option 'View'.

3. When you associate a file with a building object, associated file icon is available against a building object in object tree. Clicking on associated file icon, it opens 'Object Details' window with 'Associations' tab.

4. By clicking on 'Add More Files' button a browser window opens with different folder path available in current projects. Browser window enables you to select single or multiple files to associate with selected building object.

5. 'Remove Files' button allows you to remove single or multiple associated files to selected building object.

Audit Trail History

Audit trail history contains history about the file associated with selected object.

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