Views Manager
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Model Viewer window also contains views manager which is accessible by clicking on 'More Options' icon then select 'Views Manager' option. It enables you to save the views captured with different mode and view type.

'Views Manager' contains:

Create New View - To capture the current view with required mode and view. The name of the user capturing the view is saved along-with the date and time.

Views - To see captured views of the selected model. Click on the view to open it as a popup.

Rename - To change the view name, click on the view name and change it as required.

Set As Model Image - To set the view as a thumbnail image for this model.

Download Image - To download the view as an image file.




Create Discussion

To create new discussion by associating the selected model view

Create Form

To create new app by associating the selected model view


To refresh the content within the popup.


To maximize the popup.

Dock Content

To dock the content within the same page so that you don't need to click again to view the popup content.

Undock Content

To undock the docked content.


To close the popup.

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