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Get Asite Navigator
Get Asite Navigator

This article shows you how to install Asite Navigator.

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Asite Navigator is a user-friendly desktop application that allows you to upload files and collaborate with project* teams. Asite users have the option to synchronize information locally while working offline on the native applications before signing-in to Asite and publish them as revisions.

Below are the steps to install Asite Navigator on your computer:

1. Go to and navigate to Company > Resources > Downloads or key in in browser.

2. Click the download button against the most appropriate version of Asite Navigator Installer.

Asite Navigator Installer (Windows 64-Bit) for Windows x64 OS.

Note: Support for 32bit Asite Navigator is discontinued. Existing users having 32bit Asite Navigator are requested to upgrade by installing the 64bit Asite Navigator version. Users who continue using the same 32bit Asite Navigator won’t be able to receive any new release updates starting from Asite 20.6.

Asite Navigator Installable (Mac) for MacOS X.

3. Close all MS Office applications like Word, Excel and Outlook.

4. Run the installer file which is downloaded through browser.

5. During the installation please select the plug-in corresponding to the MS Office version installed on your PC.

6. Select 'Launch Adoddle Navigator' at the end of the installation.

7. Once the installation is complete, login to Asite Navigator using your login credentials for Asite and select 'Stay Logged in' option.

8. You will get to see the user interface for Asite Navigator, click on Help to access more detailed help on how to use Asite Navigator.

9. Open MS Word or MS Excel application and select Install option for Asite Plug-in. You will see a new Add-In of Asite.

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