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This article helps you understand how to edit an issue on project model.

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Below are the steps to edit an existing issue under Issue Manager while viewing a Model:

1. Open the required model in model viewer.

2. Click on 'Issue Manager' icon at top right to open the issue manager. A layered screen will appear with a list of already existing issues if any.

3. Under the 'Issue Manager', click on 'Edit' icon opposite the existing issue which you want to edit. It will open the 'Edit Issue' Screen.

Alternately, you can also edit an issue while viewing its details by clicking on 'Edit' icon opposite the concerned issue.

Below is a description of the available fields while creating an issue.

Assign To - You can remove existing assignee by clicking on cross icon and select other users to whom this issue is to be assigned.

Title - Edit title for the selected issue if required.

Select a Status- Select a different status for the selected issue if required. Available options are 'Open', 'In Progress', 'Approved', 'Resolved' and 'Closed'. Once status of an issue is set to 'Closed', that particular issue cannot be edited later including the status.

Priority - Select a different priority level for the selected issue if required. Available options are 'None', 'Low', 'Medium' and 'High'.

Due Date - Select a different due date for the selected issue if required.

Type - Select a different type for the selected issue if required. Available options are 'Clash', 'Constructibility', 'Design', 'Comment', 'For Information', 'Issue', 'H&S', 'Request', 'Risk' and 'Solution'.

Label - Select a different label for the selected issue if required. Available option are 'Architecture', 'Structure', 'Mechanical', 'Electrical', 'Specifications', 'Technology' and 'Undefined'.

Description - Edit the description of selected issue as required.

Additionally, you have an option to attach an external file to the issue from your local storage, by clicking on the 'Attachment' icon at top right. You can as well add links to the issue along-with a name for each of the links you are adding, by clicking on 'Link' icon available at top right.

Once done editing the details, click 'Submit' to complete editing the issue.

The view of the model automatically captured at the time of creating the issue cannot be edited or replaced later. However, you can create a new view then create a new comment on the issue and associate the newly created view as a reference to the comment if required.

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