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This article helps you understand how to view the details of an issue once created.

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You can view issues on a model while viewing the models accessible to you, using the Issue Manager. However, you need the project level privilege 'Can Create Issue' to manage those issues. Below are the steps to view an existing issue under Issue Manager while viewing a Model:

View Issue Details

1. Open the required model in model viewer.

2. Click on 'Issue Manager' icon at top right to open the issue manager. A layered screen will appear with a list of already existing issues if any.

3. Under the 'Issue Manager', click on issue id and issue title showing in blue colored text (in above example screenshot, issue id is ISS001 & issue title is 'Change in Mechanical Design'). It will open detailed view of the issue along with model view at left side updated to reflect the issue view captured at the time of issue creation.

All issue details will appear at the right side. Based on your access, you also have an option to edit the issue from this screen as well as create an issue comment / view existing issue comments.

Create Issue Comment

You need the project level privilege 'Can Create Issue Comment' to manage those issues. To create a comment, click on 'Create Comment' while viewing the issue details. It will populate a layered screen as shown below:

Below is a description of the available fields:

To - Select the users to whom this comment is to be distributed.

Title- Enter comment title.

Description - Enter your comment description.

Mark as Private - Select this checkbox if this comment needs to be created as a private comment.

Once done, click 'Submit' to complete creating the comment. All the comment created on the issue will appear at the bottom while viewing the details.

To reply on a comment, click on 'Reply' link available while viewing that particular comment and enter required details (options would be similar to the ones available while creating a comment as described above).

More Options

To access more options while viewing issue details, click on the three dotted menu icon at top right.

Below is a description of the available options:

Workflows - Displays any running workflows on selected model issue.

History - Displays detailed history of selected model issue. This includes distribution, status and access history.

Views - Displays available views captured for selected model issue. Click on the view name to open the view.

Attachments - Displays attachments available on selected model issue. Clcik on the attachment name to view the attachment.

Links - Displays details of the links available on selected model issue if any. Click on the link to open the link.

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