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Edit File Locally with aSync
Edit File Locally with aSync

This article helps you understand how to edit a file directly using aSync application

Updated this week

Asite enables you to edit a file locally using its native application if you have aSync application (currently in Beta Mode) installed on your computer.

Below are the steps on how to edit a file if you have aSync application installed on your computer:

1. Go to Files tab, navigate to the project folder containing the file you want to edit.

2. Right click on the concerned file and select 'Edit', then select 'Edit File Locally'.

Please note in case the file is checked out, a prompt message will appear informing you that the file is already checked out.

In case the file you need to edit is associated to an existing form, you can directly

use the 'Edit File Locally' option while the from is open is viewer. To do this, open the

concerned form in viewer then click on the 'Files' count as applicable. The file

associations on selected form will appear as a list. Select the associated file that

needs to be edited using the available checkbox and click on 'Edit File' icon at top right. Click here for further details.

In case you haven't installed aSync application and you are trying to edit a file locally using above right click option, you will get a prompt message asking you to download the aSync application. See how to install aSync to learn more.

3. The file will open in default native application configured in your computer for the selected file format as applicable. You can now edit the file locally as required.

Once the file is open for editing, the file will be checked out on Asite Cloud, and it will be locked for editing for other users. Only you i.e. file publisher and folder admins can undo the check out and check in (upload a new revision) for a checked-out file. Click here to understand how to undo a checkout.

Note: If there is no supported native application detected in your computer, you might not be able to open the file. In case you are using Windows OS, it will prompt you to select the application you want to use to open such file types.

4. Once you have opened the file for editing, the aSync window will start showing the files being edited / available for editing. In case the files gets closed by mistake, you can still go to 'Files being edited' section in aSync window and click on edit icon corresponding to the file record to resume editing.

From the aSync window, you have an option to unlock the files selected for editing and remove the checkout. Click on 'Unlock' link in case you need to unlock the corresponding file record. It will display a prompt message to confirm if you want to unlock. Once you have responded 'Yes' to the prompt, the existing checkout on selected project file will then be removed.

Any changes made to the file can be saved and published as a new revision of the selected file. See how to upload a revised file with aSync.

In case you are logged out of Asite and any of the edited files are moved or deleted from your local aSync project folder, you can remove those records from the 'Files being edited' section by clicking on 'Delete' icon corresponding to those records.

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