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Asite Shop enables its users to purchase a new subscription or add-ons as well as upgrade their subscription plan directly through its website using secure online payments. This helps in eliminating the need for individual users to contact us separately with such requests.

How to purchase an Asite Subscription Or Add-ons (Training & Certification)

Step 1 - Visit Asite Shop.

To directly access the Asite Shop, go to

'Key Free' users can use the 'Upgrade' button available at the top of the page to access the Asite Shop, once logged in to their Asite account (See second screenshot at the right).

In case your Asite subscription is expired, you will be asked to subscribe upon login by clicking on a link. This link will take you to Asite Shop with required details pre-filled as per your existing account on Asite.

Step 2 - Select Products.

Choose the subscription plans or add-ons by clicking on the 'Add' button available. Subscription plans and Add-ons cannot be clubbed.

After clicking the 'Add' button, your cart will appear at the right side. The Add button will be replaced with a box and you can increase or decrease the quantity of keys using the available plus and minus icons.

To see the per user pricing as per your region, click on the relevant flag icon available at the top.

The subscription is charged on yearly basis. The cost for add-on is charged only once.

You can choose multiple subscription keys at a time. You can purchase keys valuing up to 1 million or maximum of 100 keys at a time.

The cart displaying at the right side will display the total amount to be paid based on your selection of keys, the quantity set and applicable taxes if any. Click here to check applicable taxes in your region.

Check the box for 'I accept Terms and Conditions of use'. Click the link to view terms and conditions. Accepting terms and conditions is necessary to proceed with the transaction.

Check the box for 'Tax Receipt Required' if you need a tax receipt for this transaction. Tax receipt will be sent separately if you opted for the same during order checkout process.

Once required details are entered, click 'Continue' to proceed.

Step 3 - Enter Purchaser/Assignee details.

In case the email address used within purchaser details is already registered with Asite, relevant details will be filled automatically.

Assignees details are not mandatory to fill in. In case the email address used within assignees details is already registered with Asite, relevant details will be filled automatically.

Note: Purchaser is not added as assignee details by default. However, it can be entered manually if required.

Assignees details entered by you shall be used by the Asite team to assign user subscriptions and any relevant information may be communicated to you separately.

Once required details are entered, click 'Continue' to proceed.

Step 4 - Enter Payment details.

Payment details include:

i) Card Number*

ii) Month and Year of Expiry*

iii) CVC*

iv) Zip Code*

Click 'Make Payment' to complete the payment.

Note: Subscriptions are on yearly basis, and will be renewed automatically every year from the same card. Add-ons cannot be renewed. A reminder will be sent to your registered email address before 15 days for every subscription renewal. In case you need to stop a subscription renewal or change payment mode for the same, please contact Asite Support.

* Indicates that field is mandatory.

Step 5 - View Transaction Summary.

A message will appear confirming the payment if processed successfully. In case the payment remains unsuccessful due to any reason, relevant error message / failure reason will be displayed as applicable. In case your card was charged without the order getting completed successfully, your card should be refunded automatically within 3 to 4 business days. If you still don't see the refund in your account, contact your bank directly.

Remember to save the transaction ID as a reference for any future communication with Asite.

Click on the print icon to print the details if required.

You will also receive an email confirming your order, along-with the receipt of payment.

To continue shopping, click on 'Continue Shopping' link available in the cart.

* You can click on the step icons shown at the top side to navigate back to the previous or next steps after filling in required information for each step, until the payment process is not completed.

** The cart appearing at the right side during the order checkout process is dockable. This means that you can maximize or minimize the cart details view by clicking on the cart icon. The cart icon also displays the count of subscription keys selected.

Region-wise Tax Table


Tax Rate



Europe (EU)




South Africa






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