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Tender Manager App Overview
Tender Manager App Overview
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Asite Tender Manager app enables you to manage the entire tender process digitally with ease of use. It covers all the stages from invitation of tender till awarding the tender and confirmation of winning tender. This includes defining the tender as public or private, capturing response from potential bidders, creating addendum for tender, addressing queries from bidders and responding to them, creating points for clarification, allowing late inclusion of bidders, sending expression of interest and general communication processes.

Reports are as well available for evaluation and comparison of bidders as soon as the necessary bids (quotations) are submitted, helping the tender administrator in bid (quotation) evaluation process. In a way, this saves considerable time and efforts compared to the traditional tender process as well as enables easier access to bid (quotation) submissions and other details as needed.

Tender administrators can manage configurable attributes related to the Tender Manager app based on the project requirements, like managing tax rates, allowing multiple responses from bidders, etc. as and when needed in the project lifecycle.

Process Flow Diagram

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