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Once an ‘Invitation to Tender’ is raised by the tender team, bidders can respond on that invitation using the ‘Respond’ task assigned to them.

Below are the steps to respond on an ‘Invitation to Tender’:

1. Once logged in to Asite, go to the ‘Procurement’ tab and select the project in which form is to be created.

2. Expand the ‘Tender Manager’ form group and select ‘Invitation to Tender’ form type.

3. From the ‘Invitation to Tender’ forms listing area, click on the ‘Respond’ task against the relevant ITT form instance.


A second alternative is available while viewing an ‘Invitation to Tender’ form. Go to ‘Task’ menu and click ‘Reply’ or ‘Reply All’ for responding on an form.

4. The ‘Respond’ view of form will be displayed as shown below:


In case the tender date has passed, you will not be allowed to respond and a message will appear accordingly.

5. Given below is a description of all the fields available in ‘Respond’ view when user needs to submit a bid (quotation) against the received invitation.

1. Tax (if applicable)

Description - Enter tax rate for the corresponding line item as required.

2. Cost/Rate

Description - Enter cost/rate for the corresponding line item.

3. Description

Description - Enter a description for additional tender package requirement.

4. Quantity

Description - Enter quantity for additional tender package requirement.

5. Unit

Description - Enter unit of measurement for additional tender package requirement.

6. Words

Description - Enter net sum amount in words.


Description - Enter comments as required.

8. Position

Description - Enter job position in relation to the bidding organization. This is an optional field.

9. Attachment

Description - Click to upload an external file if applicable.

10. Associate Docs

Description - Associate an existing project file to this form if applicable, from the same or other project based on user access.

Please note that bidders can respond i.e. submit their bid (quotation) multiple times if required, until the tender is open. This will work only if the recommended configurable attribute named ‘AllowMultipleResponseInTender’ is created and set to ‘Yes’.

6. To decline the bid, you can click on 'Cancel' button at bottom right and then click on 'Decline' button in the ITT (Invitation to Tender) form view. Use this option in case you don’t want to submit a bid (quotation) against the received tender invitation.


Clicking on ‘Decline’ will take you to the screen where you can accept or decline the selected Invitation to Tender.

Once declined, any information / communication related to the tender package (For example – addendum, PFC, etc.…) can no longer be received by the concerned user. Also, any of the tasks pending for the user will turn inactive.

7. Once done, click ‘Send’ to complete responding to the form. Click ‘Save Draft’ to save the form in draft mode if required.

Users selected as recipients will be added to the distribution list and each of them will get a ‘For Information’ task.

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