Initiate Tender Communication
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‘Tender Communication’ form enables tender team to communicate with bidders by selecting a specific reason for communication. Users having ‘Tender Team’ role can create this form by navigating to ‘Procurement’ tab.

Below are the steps to create a ‘Tender Communication’:

1. Once logged in to Asite, go to the ‘Procurement’ tab and select the project in which form is to be created.

Expand the ‘Tender Communications’ form group and select ‘Tender Communication’ form type.

2. Click on ‘+’ button available at top right.
Alternately, ‘Tender Communication’ form can be created directly while viewing the ‘Invitation to Tender’ form.

It will open the ‘Create Form’ screen as shown below:

Given below is a description of all the fields available in ‘Tender Communication’ form. Click on a link below to continue:

1. To

Description - Click to distribute this form to other users if required. Keep the checkbox option 'Filter for Tender Recipients Only' selected if you need to address the communication to only a user from the tender recipient list. If not, the list will have option to select a user from a list of all users in the project.

2. Package

Description - Select from list of available values in dropdown. Only ‘Open’ tender packages will appear in this list.

3. Title

Description - Enter a title for this tender communication.

4. Description

Description - Enter a description of this tender communication.

5. Reason for Communication

Description - Select an appropriate reason for communication from the available dropdown.

Values in the dropdown are configurable using custom attributes.

Once done, click ‘Send’ to complete creating tender communication. Click ‘Save Draft’ to save the form in draft mode if required.
Users selected as recipients will get a ‘For Information’ task.

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