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This article helps you understand how to distribute a form using Asite Form Viewer.

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Form viewer allows you to distribute the form using the 'Task' menu, based on your access and how the selected form type is configured to work on your project.

Below are the steps to distribute a form:

1. Follow the steps for opening the form in viewer.

2. From the 'Task' dropdown, select 'Distribution' option for distributing form to project team members for specific tasks to be completed within the due date.

3. A popup will appear with 'To' and 'Subject' fields and details regarding previous message distributions showing at the bottom as applicable.

Below is a description of various icons available:





To maximize the popup.

Dock Content

To dock the content within the same page so that you don't need to click again to view the popup content.

Undock Content

To undock the docked content.


To close the popup.

4. Click in the 'To' box to see a list of users or roles or distribution groups from which you can add a recipient name for distribution. Type in the initial characters of the user, role or distribution group to get auto-suggestions based on the same.

If selecting a distribution group, a role or an organization, it is treated as an object - meaning that new users added to that object will automatically get access to selected file, Any users removed from that object will lose access on selected file.

To expand distribution groups or roles and find the users in it, click on expand icon that will appear upon mouse hover on the concerned distribution group or role name.

5. Use the checkbox to select users and choose tasks to be assigned to them using the corresponding task dropdown. Tasks that are enabled in relevant form settings configuration will only be available for selection.

6. Select a particular date for task completion by clicking on calendar icon.

7. Click on envelope icon to disable email notification for this specific form distribution. Once disabled, the icon color would change to grey.

8. Click on clone icon to give other tasks to the same user. You can do this for individual users as well as users in a particular distribution group or role.

9. The users added to the distribution will appear at the top along-with details regarding form task assigned to them. Upon mouse hover, it will also show the details of user like their organization and email address. Click on cross icon corresponding to the name of selected users to remove them from distribution.

10. To bulk apply same form task and task due date to multiple users:

From the options available at top right side, select the task name, task due date / select number of days and click the email notify icon.

Click on bulk apply icon available at the top right to apply the corresponding criteria to all selected users or roles or distribution groups.

11. Once done with selecting users and assigning tasks to them along-with due date, click 'Close' to proceed further with distribution or click 'Clear' if you want to reset the entered data and start a fresh distribution.

12. Enter a subject for this distribution as needed and click 'Distribute' to complete the distribution.

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